In 1996 the Governor-General officially proclaimed that “to commemorate the day in 1901 on which the Australian national flag was first flown, 3 September in each year shall be observed as ‘Australian National Flag Day’ throughout Australia and in the external Territories of Australia.”

Many cities and towns around Australia hold a special flag raising or other ceremony  to mark ‘Flag Day’, but if this is not possible there are many other ways that the 108th “birthday” of our flag can be celebrated on Thursday 3 September this year, eg:

  • Local schools could be encouraged to arrange special flag raising assemblies on the day so that students gain an appreciation of the history and significance of our flag;
  • Councils could put out a press release asking local residents, businesses, and organisations to make a special effort to fly the flag on 3 September; and/or
  • Suggesting that service organisations, sporting clubs and scout/guide troops etc that holding meetings around 3 September raise the flag or otherwise make special mention of Flag Day at the beginning or end of proceedings.

Some councils even make flag badges or flag stickers available so that residents can ‘show the flag’ all day on 3 September!

A wealth of information about ‘Flag Day’, and about the unique story of the Australian flag, can be found at www.australianflag.org.au .  Look under ‘Flying the Flag’ for ideas about celebrating ‘Flag Day 3 Sep’, and under ‘Schools’ for information about ‘Preparing for Flag Day’.

We hope that your community will be able to join in the celebrations for ‘Australian National Flag Day’ on 3 September, 2009.




The Australian flag – the only national flag to fly over an entire continent - will celebrate its 108th "birthday" on Thursday 3 September (Australian National Flag Day).   “Flag Day” commemorates the day in 1901 on which the Australian flag was first flown, after a design competition attracting entries from 32828 entries which represented about 1% of the population at that time. 

All Australians are encouraged to make a special effort to fly or display our
flag on its anniversary.   If you can't fly the flag or attend one of the
special flag raisings, you could wear a "flag badge" on your lapel or collar,
or display a small flag at your desk or place of work....

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