It was with great pride that all Australians recently observed the willingness of our marvellous athletes competing in the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece to celebrate their triumphs through displaying the Australian National Flag.

True nationalism is not merely displayed in the heat of battle although Australians have proudly displayed our flag in battles against tyranny and oppression. Even now they do so in world trouble spots such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

True nationalism is displayed in the pride that a people take in not only the triumphs of our representatives, but also in the defeats and disappointments that inevitably occur.

True nationalism is displayed by the willingness of people to come together with a unity of purpose to achieve a common objective for all people.

On this day that celebrates our Australian National Flag, we should all take great pride in this symbol of the Australian Nation which unifies our people and shows our determination to make this the greatest nation on earth for the benefit of its people.

I believe we should stand up and take genuine pride in this Flag that stands as a symbol of all that is best in Australia and its people.

Leader of the Opposition

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