The 3rd of September 2004 marks the 103rd anniversary of the Australian National Flag.

In 1901, the Federal Government held a design competition to find a flag for the Australian nation. The competition received 32,823 entries from Australia and overseas.

At an official ceremony on the 3rd of September 1901, the Prime Minister of Australia, Sir Edmund Barton, announced that five entrants who had submitted similar designs, were to share the honour of being declared the designers of Australia’s own flag.

In 1996, the Governor General, Sir William Deane, officially established Australian National Flag Day as an annual national celebration.

Queensland author Arthur Smout noted in The Flag Book: “A National Flag in any country is rightly regarded as the very symbol of the country and of the people. In most countries, the National Flag is accorded due reverence and it is displayed with affection and pride.”

Our National Flag has been a symbol of this great nation for more than 100 years, representing our identity and encouraging us to draw upon our heritage and work for the future good of our nation.

Long may our National Flag continue to fly and to unite us.


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