I am proud to support the 103rd anniversary of the Australian National Flag.

The Australian flag is a symbol that unites our nation. It has been with us since the year of our Federation - more than 100 years ago - which marked the beginnings of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Australian flag is the only national flag to fly over one entire continent.

Our flag stands for our history, geography and unity as a federated nation. It is a symbol of our profound achievements, our independence and freedom as a people, and our optimism for a common future together. Our flag has been recognised as Australia’s pre-eminent symbol in times of adversity and war, peacetime and prosperity.

We can all reflect with pride on the achievements of Australians throughout history, and our flag provides a focus for that pride. The flag holds particular significance for people who have served our country in times of war, and honours Australians and their families who have lost their lives in the conflicts in which this country has taken part.

Australians enjoy success in many fields at an international level. In the music, visual arts, film, science, medicine, sports, business and industry. Australians continue to make their mark, which reflects positively on our country and what it has to offer.

Australia is a country of rich diversity - our people, lifestyles and environment vary widely, from our cosmopolitan major cities to the smallest, most remote regional communities. However, our flag reflects a confidence in the common values and institutions that unite us as a nation, notwithstanding the diversity of our population. The protection of and respect for our national symbol is an important part of reinforcing Australian values and forming a cohesive and unified community.

I encourage all Australians to reflect on the importance of our flag and what it means to them on Flag Day, and convey my best wishes for the celebration of this important event.


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