It is with great pleasure that I join with all Australians in celebrating Australian National Flag Day.

This year marks the 106th anniversary of the Australian national flag, which was first flown in 1901 at the site of the first Federal Parliament, the Royal Exhibition buildings in Melbourne.

The Australian national flag is an important symbol of national pride which has been the centre of many great celebrations. The thousands of people waving Australian national flags on Anzac Day each year is a great example of the unifying power of our national symbol.

Young Australians have embraced the Australian national flag in recent years, as they drape it around their shoulders at concerts, sporting events and national parades.

If gives me great pride when I travel through Sydney and see people flyng the Australian national flag in the front yard of their homes, on business buildings, on Government buildings, in front of schools and even in front of other Australian symbols such as Surf Lifesaving Clubs.

I wear an Australian national flag badge to work as often as possible, as it reminds me of the values upon which our nation was founded.

I encourage all Australians to take part in Australian National Flag Day on 3 September 2007 by reflecting on all that our flag has come to symbolise and by proudly flying it in front of their homes, schools and businesses.

Yours sincerely,

Barry O'Farrell MP
NSW Opposition Leader

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