Marie and Roy Slapp have provided the following information about Bundaberg’s celebrations of Flag Day. It should be a great day.

Bundaberg & District Korean War Veterans will conduct a threefold ceremony to celebrate the proclaimed National Flag Day on 3rd. September 2007 at the Lions’ Remembrance Park, Bundaberg, at 10 a.m. This day is also proclaimed as the “Battle for Australia Day” and International Mariners’ Day. Coral Coast Naval Association Sub Section will assist with the Mariners’ segment which includes the raising of the Red Ensign. Local dignitaries invited include the members of Parliament, local council Mayors and Councillors We have an enthusiastic group of speakers, also Mrs. Lorral Beutel who will lead us in the singing. A member of the Caledonian Pipe Band, Mrs. Annette Tarvit will play the Lament. This is always a very emotional moment. Pastor Brian Robertson, an accomplished speaker, will lead us in prayer. We are very grateful to these people who always come forward whenever asked and give us their time and talents.

Members of other Kindred Bodies of the RSL as well as the general public will be there to share the day with us, and pay tribute to the Flag and to remember the historic days of the “Battle for Australia” together with the unsung heroes, the Mariners who contributed so much and suffered great losses during wartime.

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