For Australian National Flag Day

Our national flag reminds us of our democratic heritage and encourages us to reflect on our values and traditions. In 2007, the 3rd of September marks the 106th anniversary of the fast time the Australian National Flag was raised. From this time to the present day, the national flag has echoed the sentiments of Federation: "One people, one nation, one Flag." Our flag is the only national flag in the world to fly over a whole continent and is a powerful symbol which unites all Australians, regardless of where they live.

The national flag serves as an inspiration to all Australians, be they sporting heroes, veterans or school students. School is a place where all young Australians should have an opportunity to leam about Australian values and their nation's history. To help schools fly the flag, the Australian Government is working to ensure that each school in Australia has a functioning flagpole Since this initiative began in 2005, more than 3000 schools have received assistance to help them fly the flag.

The Australian Government considers that young Australians should have a knowledge of civics and citizenship Civics and citizenship education promotes students' participation in Australia's democracy by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, values and dispositions of active and informed Citizenship. It entails knowledge and understanding of Australia's democratic heritage and traditions, its political and legal institutions and the shared values of freedom tolerance, respect, responsibility and inclusion represented by our national flag.

National Flag Day reminds Australians to reflect upon the rich history of our nation and our flag.


"Australian National Flag Day commemorates the first occasion, 3 September 1901, that the flag which became The Australian National Flag was flown.  On that day, Prime Minister Edmund Barton announced the result of a worldwide competition to select a flag for our newly federated nation.  From over 32,000 entries, equal first place was awarded to five almost identical designs, which were submitted by an artist, an optician’s apprentice, an architect, a ship’s officer and a schoolboy.

The Artist, Annie Dorrington, was a West Australian, and a number of her beautiful wildflower paintings are held by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

In the 106 years since it was first unfurled, the Australian National Flag has been embraced by the Australian people and has become an expression of Australian identity.  Today, it is flown at community buildings, business premises and private homes.  It is carried in processions, waved at parades and displayed at public events.  As Australia’s foremost national symbol, it acts as a popular focus of pride in times of celebration and a powerful symbol of unity in times of sorrow.

Australian National Flag Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the significance and symbolism of our flag.  I encourage you to mark Australian National Flag Day by flying or displaying the Australian National Flag on 3 September".

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