Kevin Rudd

Message from Federal Labor Leader Kevin Rudd MP
Australian National Flag Day
3 September 2007

The Australian flag is the unifying national symbol of our nation.  It symbolises our heritage and our history.  It symbolises Australia and the Australian people.  And it symbolises our shared future.

Since the flag was first designed by Australians for Australians more than a century ago, it has flown all around the world as an emblem of our nation and our people.

Whether in war, on the sporting field, or travelling abroad, the Australian flag is a symbol that all Australians identify with.  It is the banner under which the nation unites in times of triumph and in times of sorrow.

As a unifying national symbol, the Australian flag recognises our shared history, culture and tradition.  We are a free, multicultural and harmonious country.  We have a rich and proud history.  We share bright future, flush with wonderful opportunities and magnificent possibilities.

This heritage and this future are woven into our flag.  And when we look to the stars it is the Southern Cross that we see, showing the way to a brighter and better future.

On National Flag Day, I encourage all Australians to fly the Australian proudly flag in their homes, their schools and their workplaces, because the flag symbolises the peace, unity and prosperity that we all share.

Kind regards,


Kevin Rudd
Federal Labor Leader
Member for Griffith


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