For Australian National Flag Day

Our Australian flag symbolises our pride in our nation and I encourage all Australians to celebrate the birthday of the flag on the 3rd of September.

The design resulted from a competition in 1901 which attracted some 19 per cent of the population. Five entrants shared the honour of being declared me winners. They Included a 14-yearold schoolboy, a teenage apprentice, a ships officer, an architect and a female artist - each in themselves representing the very egalitarian nature of our society.

Together, they created a lasting symbol of what it means to be Australian.

Steeped in meaning, our flag proudly displays the Southers Cross to celebrate our 60,000-year place in the world; a seven point star to mark the great achievement of Federation; and the Union Flag to remind us that we have inherited precious traditions of parliamentary democracy, faith, law and language.

It is fitting to recall the tribute paid by our national Parliament in 2001 to the Australian flag on its 100th birthday. It was acknowledged as a great symbol representing our achievements as a Federation, our independence and freedom as a people, and our optimism for a secure and prosperous future together.

The Australian Flag wes declared our pre-ominent national symbol in times of adversity and war. peacetime and prosperity.

Today, let us respect, celebrate and admire our beautiful flag and all it means to our nation.

Michael Jeffery


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