For Australian National Flag Day

The Australian flag records a special moment in time -that first untroubled decade of Federation, before the horrors of war and depression, when a young nation stretched its wings and imagined what might be.

When the winning flag design was announced on September 3, 1901, Australia stood between the past and the future -the past represented by the Union Jack, the future represented by the Southern Cross - a new nation under new stars.

For 106 years, the Australian people hove been faithful to the promise of those stars. We have a built a nation prosperous and strong. We have fought for our freedoms. And we have, finally, made this land a welcoming home to every Australian, from the oldest to the newest.

A flag only means as much as the people it celebrates, and in 2007 we can proudly fly our flag secure in our past and confident in the future we will share and create together.

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