The National Flag of Australia, designed by Australians and flown first in 1901 by the newly formed Federal Parliament, is celebrated each year during Australian National Flag day on 3rd September.

This National Australian Emblem has been proudly carried into the activities of the Australian Defence Force wherever it has pursued its' duties around the world.

It is largely through the endeavours by the Australian Defence Force to bring peace to many people that this Australian symbol has become a  beacon for hope by those who are oppressed and seeking a way of life which will bring peace, freedom of speech and a democratic future.

Our flag represents the historical circumstances and values of our country. As a symbol of who we are, our values and beliefs, it is  not the play thing of those captive to contemporary fashions.

I congratulate the Australian National Flag Association for upholding the flag against those who wish to see it altered.

This flag is Australia; it is our history, our heritage, it belongs equally to all Australians whatever their origins.

Yours sincerely

Member for Bradfield
Minister for Defence

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