To All Flag Marshals; Action Australia-wide
Day of National Celebration
Australian National Flag Day
3 September

All Australians are encouraged to fly or display the Australian National Flag to celebrate Australian National Flag Day for .

On 3 September 1901, the flag that became the Australian National Flag was flown from the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The flag was on display to greet the announcement of the winning entries in the competition to find a design for the national flag for the new nation of Australia.

Australian National Flag Day was proclaimed in 1996 to commemorate this event.

Australian National Flag Day is an opportunity for individuals, community organisations, local authorities, businesses and schools to take the opportunity to celebrate with pride the anniversary of the Australian National Flag.

In accordance with flag protocol, the Australian National Flag should be flown all day on 3 September – Australia wide.

All Australian Government departments are requested to make particular efforts to fly or display the Australian National Flag on this special day and to encourage all associated agencies to join in the celebration of the Australian National Flag.

The financial and staffing implications arising from weekend flag marshal duties are the responsibility of each organisation.

Sharyn Hayes
Commonwealth Flag Officer
28 August 2006

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