To celebrate the Centenary of the Australian National Flag a new video is now available, entitled "Our National Flag... Since 1901". It is a professional, 22 minute production, tailored for viewing by school students, youth groups as well as the general public. The video includes teachers' notes and has been praised be the Director General of Education, as its contents complies with the schools' curriculum Civics programme.

Click here to download the video (13MB)

Click here to download the official teachers notes for this video.

Click here to view Flag Day ceremonial activities.

Addressed to ANFA member, Mrs Marie Hansen, who donated the video to the school.

Dear Mrs Hansen,

On behalf of the Epping Heights Public School I would like to thank you for your kind donation of the "Our National Flag...." video and other information re Flag Day on 3 September. Our school will certainly be recognising the day and the video will assist us greatly in this process. It is certainly much appreciated. Please pass my grateful thanks onto any others involved in the gift.

With much gratitude

Colin J Wallis

Addressed to Mrs A E Page, President, ANFA, South Australia Inc, who sent the video to the school.

Dear Mrs Page,

Thank you very much for sending the video kit about our Australian Flag. I had a look at the video. It is excellently produced and really fits in with the studies on Federation that my class has been doing this year.

As a school, we are going to celebrate National Flag Day. We have contacted our local member (of Parliament) so that we will have a lovely new flag to fly on the day.

Thank you very much for your interest and help.

Denise McGrath

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